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Cookies Policy

Cookie technology has been created to make the use of websites more comfortable. Below you will find information about this functionality.

What are cookies?

These are text files saved on the device used by the client of small size. They are sent by the servers/application of a given online store. Thanks to them, security is increased during the use of the sites, in addition, it is easier to adapt to the preferences of the consumer. When you close your browser, cookies are deleted. Otherwise, they disappear after a certain period of time. This depends on the type of cookies you learn more about <HERE>

Cookie technologies

The ones we use are designed to consolidate marketing and analytical data on the client's device. They are also to improve the functioning of the website. It happens that a given store uses technology similar to cookies. It can be even local storage. These facts also apply to these other functionalities.

Cookies – who do they apply to?

Cookies or technologies similar to it accompany the customer every time he visits specific websites or applications. The storage of consumer data is determined by the settings in his browser and device. <HERE> you'll find more information about these settings.

Do cookies have access to personal data?

Cookies do not contain personal data that could allow the user to be identified, but in various cases the information provided (e.g. during registration) may turn into certain data of this type. If you want to learn more about the privacy policy related to cookie technology, go to <TUTAJ>. It is related to the rights of individuals and their personal data. We have trusted partners who have access to cookies, and their list can be found in <TUTAJ>

Cookies – why do we use them?

Cookies are used to improve the operation of the website. Thanks to them, processes such as logging in, payment, saving products added to the cart, registration or ordering purchases become simpler. In addition, cookies make it easier for the manufacturer to better understand consumer preferences. This allows users to offer special shopping opportunities for their favorite products. <HERE>you can learn more about the purposes of saving cookies.

What types of cookies do we distinguish?

There are certain criteria according to which we divide cookies:

  1. Cookie lifetime:

Permanent cookies – thanks to them, the store you visit often can remember your choices regarding the language of the website or your location. They are stored for a certain period of time.

Session cookies – ensure security during login and registration. Without them, the purchasing process cannot take place either. They are not saved, for example, on a disk, but in volatile memory. They apply to an ongoing visit to the site. When you close the browser, they disappear.

  1. For what purposes the information contained in cookies is used:

Analytical and diagnostic cookies – their function is to study the consumer's interest in specific products, the frequency of visiting the website, thematic preferences of the user. As a result of these activities, it is possible to adjust the offer to the expectations of a given person.

Marketing cookies – thanks to them we see advertisements about a group of products that we are interested in. They also prevent the re-display of content that we would not like to return to.

Cookies necessary for the operation of services – they are responsible for the correct course of logging in, saving content added to the cart, making a purchase. These are often session cookies.

Do I have any influence on the operation of cookies on my device?

You have certain options with which you can customize cookies. More on this subject can be found in the cookie settings <HERE>.




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